Palm Tree w/ Boat Ceramic Wall Art Tile 4x4

Decorative Tiles
Beautiful High Gloss Raised-Relief, Hand-Painted Tile. Each Tile has a cork back and hanger. Great as a coaster or wall hanging. These tiles look great in a kitchen, bath, or even a child's room. Great Gift Item!

Raised Relief Wall Art
Use in a backsplash
Hang on the wall with the attached hook
Back corking can be removed for wall installation
Vibrant colors that will never fade

Williams - Bally Pinball Coil AQ-25-500/34-4500

Game Room Games
New Coil Coil made for a Bally or a Williams Pinball Machine We also carry all of the light bulbs, coils, plastics, etc you may need for your pinball machine.

Part Number: AQ-25-500/34-4500
Common in Williams and Bally Pinball Machines
Be sure to reference your manual to cross-check coil part numbers
Assembled and Packaged by Game Room Guys