Messermeister San Moritz Elite 9-Inch Bread Knife

Bread Knives
The edge of the Messermeister San Moritz Elite 9-inch Bread Knife is scalloped with a gentle camber. What makes this Knife a left-handed Knife is that the scallops are placed on the front side of the blade instead of the back side. The Bread Knife is a wider and longer bladed version of a tomato Knife. The scalloped edge is ideal for biting into the crust of bread, allowing a smooth slicing action without exerting pressure that can compress the slice. It is also used to slice through soft-skinned fruits and vegetables. We don't recommend cutting meat.

Made in solingen, germany
1-piece, fully forged
Hand-polished "elite" edge
Bolsterless edge
Polished spine

Koi Net with 30 Inch Diameter Pan & 96 Inch Handle

Pond Netting
30" Diameter Padded Koi Net with 10mm mesh opening. Shallow pan mesh for catching Koi safely and easily.
2 part aluminum telescopic handle opens up to 94 Inch (2.4m) in length.
Great quality net. Well built, 1000's sold all over the world to happy Koi Keepers

Koi Net with telescopic metal handle
Easy storage
80cm padded ring helps stop damage to fish
Handle stores at 37 inches closed
Head is detachable